At first it was simply a scream, a scream against injustice

Första maj tal av Kholoud Awadallah, styrelseledamot i Palestinian Peoples Party

At first it was simply a scream, a scream against injustice

But after humanity has passed its pains enlightened by the dreamers who have planted seeds of tomorrow in our later lives.

As George Amado the left Latin writer said" there are three interlocking pillars of the human misery, they are poverty, illiteracy and disease.

This urges us all, the progressive groups and parties to work for deep rooted social democratic transformation.

The first of May, the labors day is the reflection of the historical heroes on our promising and ascending for more fair life. It reminds us of the labor heroes who were the first to call for limited working hours, which was very revolutionary these days, now enjoyable by humanity, their fruitful struggle enlightened our role to work in favor of labors against exploitation and unemployment holding up the flame of change, struggling for another social policies and priorities standing for human beings and environment.

We in the Palestinian Peoples Party  are springing up by new hope of the left goals and perceptions, these occasions unify us to join in the great mobilizations to resist the imposition of capitalism to trap humanity in social and cultured regression and future that is marked by insecurity uncertainty and damaged injured environment. 

As the Palestinians struggle for an independent state within 67 border program we seek peace that does not leave us mere handful of dust as our poet M.Darwish said. We seek homeland free of siege, this dictates us to fight against land confiscation, settlement expansion, collective punishment, disconnected territories and depriving us of self determination. We stand for the favor of the marginalized groups, illumination of women roles, equality and social justice.

But instead of cursing the desert we must plant tomorrow’s trees. We have to express our willingness to fight corruption creating better labor environment and especially in our countries we participate in making policies that support our national economy and issuing laws that protect labor rights.

The fact that more than 52%  of our labors work in the service sector and only less than 16% work in the industrial sector the same as in agriculture, this urge us not only to depend on projects that ease down the burden of poverty but to build up new trends for independent solid economy and infrastructure joining fair trade, fair marketing opportunities, fighting money centralization and the submission of public services to market rules and also to hold the state intervention in favor of national economy facing multinational companies.

Our depleted economy injured by corruption, lack of democratic grass roots legitimacies led to the failure.

Our qualitative existence can be achieved only by the liberation from Israeli occupation which did not only

 Occupy the land but systematically worked to destroy

The Palestinian collective activity layout, starting with economy ending with education.

Surrounded by all these challenges does not free us from integrating in the environmental issues. Pollution in our cities and communities is not an environmental problem; it is political. The discharge of wastewater of settlements into our lands caused  expensive bill for our environment to pay, the disposal of nuclear Israeli facility brought us higher levels and incidence of disease and cancers.

We are deeply indebted for the left party for their concern, support and solidarity for that the human suffer has no need to be translated to any language other than human itself.

 THINK OF OTHERS (Mahmoud Darwish)

As you prepare your breakfast think of others

Don’t forget to feed the pigeons

As you conduct your wars think of others

Don’t forget those who want peace

As you pay your water bill think of others

Think of those who breastfeed the clouds

As you go home, your own home think of others

Don’t forget those who live in tents

As you sleep and count the stars, think of others

There people with no place to sleep

As you liberate yourself with metaphors

Think of others

Those who lost their right to speak

And as you think of distant others

think of your self

and say

I wish I were a candle in the darkness

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